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Oxandrolone is a symbol of harmless use of prohibited substances. Pharmacological icon, which has hundreds of litres of athletic happiness, on which thousands of athletes and athletes pray in anticipation of successful passing of DC with mandatory receipt in the ending of the washing of God-like forms. Serial production of this “icon” began in the mid-1960s in the walls of one of America ‘s numerous pharmaceutical companies. In fact, the course of oxandrolone is an average in strength anabolic with a weak androgen effect, but it can be said differently, oxana is a mediocre androgen with low-power anabolic effect. Initially, this mild steroid had a purely medical purpose and was used in the treatment of women, children and other elegant creatures, but just a few years after its birth, almost all the anavar produced by the American pharmaceutical industry began to be used by fans of a healthy lifestyle with an easy raid of athletic. The oxandrolone course became a good medicinal alternative to dianabol, the most common steroid of the time. Representatives of various sports very quickly appreciated all advantages of oxana and began to apply it on a permanent basis in the steroid cycles.